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Festival d'Avignon

From 4th to 25th July.
The Avignon Festival was created by Jean Vilar in 1947 and is one of the oldest and most famous theatre and performing arts festivals in the world. Festival performances take place throughout three entire weeks in July and featuare the very best playwrights and actors working in contemporary creations. The director of the festival, author, director and actor Olivier Py is emphasising a Festival for the people, a celebration of the mind, the desire to hear from a new generation of artists, with programming open to all continents. The recurrent theme in this year's Avignon Festival is our relation to our fellow man.

The Festival d'Avignon is the place where artists from contrasting aesthetic universes come together and confront their visions. Different origins, different generations are on stage at all times in this Festival that is both totally avant garde and a historical reference imbued with tradition. More than 40 different plays are performed in over twenty magnificent venues, ranging from small 150-seat chapels to the legendary, 2000-seat  Cour d'honneur in the Palace of the Popes and the FabricA, the new permanent Festival venue. 

Hortense Archambault and Vincent Baudriller, appointed directors in 2003, have firmly established the offices of the Festival in Avignon to make it truly anchored in the area  where it takes place. In September 2013, new director Olivier Py - author, director and actor, takes over the Festival for the 2014 edition. Olivier Py has clearly stated that he intends to maintain the strong Avignon connection. 
Olivier Py's plans call for a Festival that is both a festival for the people, and a celebration of the mind and spirit.

For this 69th edition of the Avignon Festival, there are 47 shows many of which are premiered here in Avignon. 31 of the 38 artists are coming to the Festival for the very first time and 70% of the artists are little known to the public.
"Je suis l'autre" "I am your fellow man"- the theme running through this Festival - resonates with political, social and cultural demands. Awareness of the other fills centre stage, and pervasive to the festival is the idea that salvation comes from "the other". How will the festival artists incarnate "the other", the foreigner, the forgotten, the spurned?

With V. Dréville, D. Galas and G. Ingold; K. Lupa; L.Brethome; E. Vo-Dinh; O. Py; J. Châtel; O. Saccomano and N. Garraud;Winter Family; V. Novarina; T. Ostermeier; Teater NO99; K.Serebrennikov; O. Martin-Salvan; S. Boris; I. Huppert; B. Verdonck;T. Rodrigues; H. Shechter; F. Lambert; G. Bourges; P. Meunier and M.Bordat; E. Salamon; S. Achache; C. Tolcachir, M. Hermida and L.Perotti; F. Cissé; A. Preljocaj; M. Pensotti; A. El Attar;Stereoptik; E. Reinhardt and Feu ! Chatterton; D. Hamdani; P. Berling;B. Porée; F. Ardant, J. Deroyer and H. Loichemol; C. Rizzi; R.Renucci…

In addition to the performances, the Avignon Festival is also the scene of conferences, discussion of ideas and debate in many different forms: Cinema (Territoires cinématographiques), Sacred Music, presentations (Ateliersde la pensée), installations and exhibitions, conferences, readings, radio broadcasts ...

Get the complete program from the Tourism Office.

Traffic and parking: During the festival, Avignon changes pace. From 3 to 26 July, from 1pm to 2am, cars are not allowed inside the city walls. See complete information on:

Avignon buses: TCRA:
the famous Festival bus, known as the "Bustival" every day til 1 am. On the main traffic arteries. For further information see:

Information subject to change.

ContactThéâtres et lieux de spectacles 84000 AVIGNON site : http://www.festival-avignon.comtel : 04 90 14 14 14